Mac Repair


Here at Kent we have Apple Licensed Service technicians who could service any type of Apple product.We have Apple Certified Professionals finishing accredited repairs on any Apple product. Our experience, our components and solution are the high quality Apple planned. There is no visit required, so been available in when you need us most.The majority of repair works are reversed in 3– 5 working days. If you have a time-critical repair service, let us understand so we can do our best to assist. With each repair service, we’ll maintain you in the loophole at each stage.

We do Mac repair! We manage everything from fallen short disk drives, Mac data recovery, iMac repair, Macbook repair work, Macbook Air LCD substitute etc. We have actually seen it all as well as are experts in Mac equipment and also repair services. We repair Mac Mini’s! It’s about the very

same basic parts; the case, hard disk, memory, CPU, and also power supply, and making certain that every little thing is configured to work ideally. If you are having a trouble with your Mac, be it either a hardware issue that is causing your otherwise quick Mac to slow down, or a software program issue where you are obtaining odd unusual errors.
Our professionals are here to help you. So give us a call at 253 259-3518 to schedule an appointment with one of our mobile technicians and we’ll send them out to your Kent home or business.

The i Mac is one of Apple’s leading desktop computer products. It is an “all-in-one” computer. This means the i Mac has all the core parts built into a solitary device.the all-in-one design is relatively simple to get at the specific components, also if it’s not so simple to work on them.

The Mac Mini is a really flexible computer system. It is capable of so much yet has a small, plain size. The dimension is a little challenging up until you understand you get the complete power of a lot of computers without the extra bulk.For us Repairing Mac Mini’s is just like fixing most desktop computers, except the room is much smaller.

The Mac Pro is the Mac computer. More compared to that, it is usually a fully loaded, media producing monster.
We have Apple Licensed Service technicians who could service any type of Apple product.

The MacBook Air is one of the most streamlined, fashionable Mac to this day. With its ultra-thin design and also light weight, it is simple to carry around.
When it involves Mac repair work, the MacBook Air requires a lot more focus to detail to obtain things done correctly.

The original MacBook, which is appreciable due to showing off a white or black case, was one of the most effective marketing Macs. As they are now older, we see lots of them in for Mac repair.we could fix any kind of MacBook despite the version, and also do so in your area right here in our shop.

If the screen on your MacBook has damaged, don’t despair only repair. It may appear as if the obvious point to do is to pay Apple to fix the display (although they ‘d most likely desire you to buy a brand-new Mac), yet Kent urgent computer pros has Apple Certified Mac Technicians who could fix or change the display far cheaper than Apple can.